Fierce gangs were killed on the grounds of Bihinari, including the police policeman: Many people living in the area: 17 people killed in Kishfaya murder

There are many people who do not want to be killed, but they can not retaliate against the police-police all-out administration to suppress the situation in Benghazi, yesterday, the law-enclaves The 17-year-old girl of Ganjichael, who was raped by Rakhari Bihani According to the police su na yaecha after their suppression, In the year 2002, Mamunur Rashid Mamun and Savar’s family members of the Mirpur area, formed a gang of Binhari to make the city’s Anneer, and there were a number of Pithimedak divisions ranging from 10 to 15 in Agargaon, Dhaka. The people of Gangni village were involved in the bridges and bills of transporting bricks and bills to the Turag river. They started the construction of the brick and bolus and then started a 2003 named Galschal. Mamun-Anarhar’s name was mentioned in the gang of money launderer and gang-raped in Gangotri river and in the area of ​​Ammanbazar, where he was accused of gang-rape and murder of a large number of people. Police patrols were robbed and they were able to collect the goods, besides the Gammet, they used to collect the customs from the brick kiln and bills.

There are reports of Bihin,
On July 12, 2002, members of Ganigul Bihinis were killed in the Savar Police Station, Dera Mujibur Rahman, some members of the gang were taken to the police station, where they were arrested and sent to the police station. Durga Maturuk got injured at the British police station after being attacked by several police officers in Gangetic district, many businessmen came to the city and attacked the gang. In the name of the Eiffel Tower, the family members of the deceased family may lose more than the amount of money that can be bought by some of the gang members. Anne Bihani, in the case of murder in 2007, of 3 March of the murder of Kadidya Gaumem-11-DID Humayun Kabir and daughter-in-law of Phool Miaque Eatr. The whole world is going to be the main hero of the assassination Che After the death of Sumon and Azad Kasfaya died. After the murder of two people, police and the police Though 17 people have been killed in Gangichor but they can be suppressed. In the absence of a gang of villagers, many people have been killed in the last few years, on June 3, 2003, a group member of a gang member was injured in the attack on Salhpur Bazar of Amenbazar. In 2007, Haji Nur, his friend Fazlul Haque Mitra and Shahsabane were killed in the murder. In the same year, they did not have any money in the bank of the country.

Tara Gangetal Binni Savar, Ashulia, Narayanganga, Gazipur, Mirpur, Sirajganj and Barishal, including 7/8 in-lieu-looted robbers, called them to contact the people of those districts and asked them to join the gang.  gaupa reyecha bring his medha gaupa, mua gaupa, Abu gaupa, ipayala gaupa, itaa gaupa, Haji gaupa, Suman gaupa, says c upa, imanahaja gaupa, Fazlur gaupa, Mamun gaupa, imatu gaupa, Alam gaupa, salau Na gaupa, Shamim gaupa more ebaperaya ride uethecha this gaupaguela the camadabaija, drugs babasa, sand babasa inayana kera aimanabajara the gaupa Savar, kauidaya, baredasi, caranarayanapura, edhabarai, ihajala, ebagunabaira, Turag dupara, Mirpur, isayalabaira, gabtali, pabi, ijaraeba, asuilaya, With the addition of more than 50 percent of the total number of people, the government has increased the number of beneficiaries in the year 2005 from the market price of Tk. At that time, the guerrillas who had arrived from the Grenadines were returning to the congregation, the guerrillas were informed, the members of the gang team came to India from Gurgaon, India and Visnidal. Gangigal Bihani is basically now Chhambabaj, Eetar Bhav They have lost control over the use of sand and sand mining and landlords, but they are now able to use them in the marketplace and through crime. General Manager Hasan Mahmud Khdakar said that the government has also been deployed in the Turag river under the rule of Ganges and Bihin and other areas.

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