Safety tips When Traveling to Bangladesh – From Flashlight’s to Tasers

Safety should be one of your major concerns if you are traveling to a new country. But if you are traveling to Bangladesh, then the security should be your most important concern because Bangladesh is one of the developing countries where robberies, thefts, and such kind of other crimes are very common and the security departments are not strong enough to control these crimes at the moment.

In this situation, you need to keep all the important safety equipment with you so that you can stay safe in case of an emergency. We are not saying that you should cancel your trip to Bangladesh. In fact, we recommend all your readers to the visit Bangladesh at least once in your life because there are many beautiful spots and historical places that you’d love visiting.

But your personal safety and security are also very important. Therefore, we recommend that you must come prepared with all the important accessories that can make you feel safe while you are in Bangladesh. There are some accessories that are not allowed at the airport.

So, if you can’t bring a safety accessory with you, then you should immediately purchase one so that you may stay safe throughout your journey. Here are some of the important safety tips that will help you stay safe when you are traveling to Bangladesh.

Hire a reliable guide

If you are visiting Bangladesh for the first time and don’t have any friends or relatives there, then you must consider hiring a guide before going there so that he can show you the beauty of this country. The guides in this country are mostly honest and reliable and they show you all the beautiful places that are worth visiting. But before hiring the guide, you must check the customer reviews about him so that you can find the most reliable and expert guide.

Safety equipment

Don’t forget to buy the safety equipment when you are traveling to Bangladesh. Some of the safety items are allowed on airports and some of them are restricted. So, you must only carry those items that are allowed otherwise, you’d have to face the music on the airport. However, you can purchase the rest of the items after reaching Bangladesh.

These accessories would help you stay safe in difficult situations. For example, you can Buy Ultra Bright Flashlight before leaving for Bangladesh because Flashlight is allowed on airports. However, you can’t travel on the plane with a taser. So, you must consider buying the taser after reaching Bangladesh.

Stay Alert

When you are living in the developed countries, you don’t have to be worried about the people walking around you because the security system is very strong there. However, when you are in Bangladesh, you should stay alert all the time so that you can keep an eye on the criminals. Here are some other important safety tips that you must keep in mind when traveling to Bangladesh.

The Top Helicopter Tours around the World for Travel Junkie’s

If you are tired of traveling on the old means of transport and want to try out something new and exciting this time, then you should be glad that there are many other options available that you can choose. In this article, we are going to talk about the helicopter tours because helicopter tours are getting very popular these days. We will also discuss several other adventurous means of transport that will help in adding more memories to your travel diary.

The Helicopter tours provide you an entertaining and thrilling experience and this is a completely unique way of visiting a city or a particular area. Additionally, if you are going to visit a more remote area of a region, then nothing can be better than a helicopter ride. For instance, Hawaii is one of the most popular visiting spot on the earth where thousands of visitors come every year while 70 percent of this island cannot be accessed by land.

Therefore, most of the people book the Live Your Aloha helicopter tours before they even reach the island because sometimes it gets difficult to find a ride after reaching there. So, here are some other most amazing places around the world where you can choose to travel by Helicopter.


Sydney is one of the most beautiful and most popular cities in the world. When you see the beauty of the Sydney from a particular height, it looks amazing. The spectacular views of the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Taronga Zoo, and the Sydney Harbour will make you feel amazed when you see them from the helicopter. In some tours, you may also take a look at the Bondi Beach and several other beautiful spots of Sydney’s breathtaking coastline and some tours may also take you to the Megalong Valley and the Blue Mountains.


Hawaii is the most beautiful spot for the Helicopter tours where you have plenty of options available that you may choose from. We recommend that you must book a tour before going there because most of the times people can’t find any option as there are lots of other visitors that have already booked the tours. So, you must consider visiting to book your Helicopter tour before going to Hawaii.

Victoria Falls

The helicopter tour on Victoria Falls is like a dream come true. Although you can see the beauty of Victoria Falls by visiting the highway if you want to capture the entire beauty of this place, you must book a helicopter tour because helicopter ride allows you to capture the entire location in your camera. Here is a list of some other most popular helicopter tours around the world.

Why traveling by bike is smart for tourists visiting Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a small country but it is worth visiting because there are so many interesting and amazing spots in this country that’ll help you enjoy an amazing tour. The most interesting thing about visiting Bangladesh is that there are lots of beautiful natural places that can make your tour memorable.

If you have some budget problem but still want to visit a beautiful country during your vacation, then Bangladesh is the coolest option for you because you can visit a lot of beautiful spots here at very reasonable rates. Something that most of the people don’t know about Bangladesh is that there are lots of attractions for the adventurists.

So, if you’re an adventurist, then Bangladesh is the perfect place for you to go on the next vacation. Usually, people recommend that if you’re going to visit Bangladesh with your friends, you should consider using a bike to travel from one place to another. In fact, traveling by bike is considered to be the smartest way of visiting Bangladesh.

Today, we’re going to take a look at bikes are better than any other transport option to visit Bangladesh.

Traffic Problem

The traffic is one of the major problems in Bangladesh due to which most of the people like to use the bike for traveling around. Sometimes, the traffic jams can get you into a lot of trouble and as a tourist, you can’t afford to waste so much time to go from one place to another. The bike is the best companion in the massive traffic jams because you can easily find a way to get out of these traffic jams.

The worst thing about traveling in Bangladesh is that there is any kind of metro service available that can take you from one place to another in no time.

Road Issues

The roads in Bangladesh aren’t wide enough and there are some places where you have to walk for a few miles to reach a destination. Isn’t it better to have a bike with you instead of walking for miles? That’s why most of the tourists considering using bikes to travel around Bangladesh and this is what helps them save a lot of time and money.

The Top rated Cheap Mountain Bikes can be the perfect option to travel in Bangladesh because they are specially designed to move on bumpy roads.

Beautiful view

The bikes can help you take a look at the beauty of Bangladesh from a different perspective. You can stay wherever you want and capture as many photos as want because you’re not going to pay any extra charges to anyone for spending more time. You can also visit the mountains on your bike but you’ll have to take a jeep to reach the bike track.

The Flag of the Capital of Corfu Was Flagged Off

The maca of Bangladesh, Dhaka ibasaibadaalaya kaapaesa sangaami chasamaja manicasaha adhina pathama uealana kera eidana payment was covered uala minded country ibasaibadaaleyara A large number of people were injured in the incident at around 10:00 am, thousands of people were injured in the incident. The meeting was held in two districts of Dhaka. It was two months ago that all of them were found to be the rule Egaira kariphau ebhena idanara

Three people were injured and three were wounded in the assault on the Awami League-backed Awami League leader Mujibur Rahman In one day, from March 3 to March 6 from 6 March to 2pm, call for the strike to be heard and the people are advised to attend the strike and to complete the strike.  A public rally in front of the National Awami League It is agreed that the President of the meeting, Mr. Mizanfar Ahmad, asked all the people to come forward.

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Fierce gangs were killed on the grounds of Bihinari, including the police policeman: Many people living in the area: 17 people killed in Kishfaya murder

There are many people who do not want to be killed, but they can not retaliate against the police-police all-out administration to suppress the situation in Benghazi, yesterday, the law-enclaves The 17-year-old girl of Ganjichael, who was raped by Rakhari Bihani According to the police su na yaecha after their suppression, In the year 2002, Mamunur Rashid Mamun and Savar’s family members of the Mirpur area, formed a gang of Binhari to make the city’s Anneer, and there were a number of Pithimedak divisions ranging from 10 to 15 in Agargaon, Dhaka. The people of Gangni village were involved in the bridges and bills of transporting bricks and bills to the Turag river. They started the construction of the brick and bolus and then started a 2003 named Galschal. Mamun-Anarhar’s name was mentioned in the gang of money launderer and gang-raped in Gangotri river and in the area of ​​Ammanbazar, where he was accused of gang-rape and murder of a large number of people. Police patrols were robbed and they were able to collect the goods, besides the Gammet, they used to collect the customs from the brick kiln and bills.

There are reports of Bihin,
On July 12, 2002, members of Ganigul Bihinis were killed in the Savar Police Station, Dera Mujibur Rahman, some members of the gang were taken to the police station, where they were arrested and sent to the police station. Durga Maturuk got injured at the British police station after being attacked by several police officers in Gangetic district, many businessmen came to the city and attacked the gang. In the name of the Eiffel Tower, the family members of the deceased family may lose more than the amount of money that can be bought by some of the gang members. Anne Bihani, in the case of murder in 2007, of 3 March of the murder of Kadidya Gaumem-11-DID Humayun Kabir and daughter-in-law of Phool Miaque Eatr. The whole world is going to be the main hero of the assassination Che After the death of Sumon and Azad Kasfaya died. After the murder of two people, police and the police Though 17 people have been killed in Gangichor but they can be suppressed. In the absence of a gang of villagers, many people have been killed in the last few years, on June 3, 2003, a group member of a gang member was injured in the attack on Salhpur Bazar of Amenbazar. In 2007, Haji Nur, his friend Fazlul Haque Mitra and Shahsabane were killed in the murder. In the same year, they did not have any money in the bank of the country.

Tara Gangetal Binni Savar, Ashulia, Narayanganga, Gazipur, Mirpur, Sirajganj and Barishal, including 7/8 in-lieu-looted robbers, called them to contact the people of those districts and asked them to join the gang.  gaupa reyecha bring his medha gaupa, mua gaupa, Abu gaupa, ipayala gaupa, itaa gaupa, Haji gaupa, Suman gaupa, says c upa, imanahaja gaupa, Fazlur gaupa, Mamun gaupa, imatu gaupa, Alam gaupa, salau Na gaupa, Shamim gaupa more ebaperaya ride uethecha this gaupaguela the camadabaija, drugs babasa, sand babasa inayana kera aimanabajara the gaupa Savar, kauidaya, baredasi, caranarayanapura, edhabarai, ihajala, ebagunabaira, Turag dupara, Mirpur, isayalabaira, gabtali, pabi, ijaraeba, asuilaya, With the addition of more than 50 percent of the total number of people, the government has increased the number of beneficiaries in the year 2005 from the market price of Tk. At that time, the guerrillas who had arrived from the Grenadines were returning to the congregation, the guerrillas were informed, the members of the gang team came to India from Gurgaon, India and Visnidal. Gangigal Bihani is basically now Chhambabaj, Eetar Bhav They have lost control over the use of sand and sand mining and landlords, but they are now able to use them in the marketplace and through crime. General Manager Hasan Mahmud Khdakar said that the government has also been deployed in the Turag river under the rule of Ganges and Bihin and other areas.

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