Many people love to travel a lot and want to see many new places as well. But many of them fear a lot about flying. For them, flying is a headache and simply a hassle. For some people, flying is inconvenient and terrifying as well. Air travel can be stressful but if you follow these, then you can overcome your fear and enjoy the journey as well.

Here are some tips for the people who hate to fly:

1.Private jet: This is the option for rich people. If you have a lot of money then you can go for this option. A private jet has a lot of space and top-class accommodation in order to provide you with the best journey. Not interested in any aisle seats? Check out Jettly’s private flight options!  You can simply overcome your anxiety while you are travelling in a private jet. You can sleep there if you wish. You can do whatever you want as it is your private jet. So, you do not need to think about your co-passengers. You can relax in your private jet and enjoy your journey as well.

2.Divert your mind: At the time of flying, you should divert your mind. You can load movies and videos on your phone or iPads. The entertainment series can divert your mind so easily. You can easily overcome your fear of flying (click here). You should also carry the noise cancellation headphone with you. You can watch your favourite shows during the time of offline and avoid aircraft sounds. It will make your journey easy and comfortable.

3.Arrive early: If you are not a frequent flyer, then you should arrive early at the airport. There are many people who arrive at the last hour of check-in and make a hurry. You may have to wait in the parking lot due to the traffic. So, you will have to reach as early as possible. You cannot take a chance with that. The last time arrival can create a palpitation in you. So, you must avoid this.

4.Avoid caffeine and alcohol: If you are the first flyer, then it is advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol. It can promote the anxious feeling and nervous thoughts as well. These two can also dehydrate your body. So, after the journey, you may suffer from the jet lag. You should take water instead of caffeine and alcohol.

5.Choose the aisle seat: Most airlines offer you to choose your seat at the time of booking the ticket. If you have claustrophobia and fear of flying high, then you should choose the aisle seat.  You can easily get up from your seat and move around as well. It is also advisable to select the seats towards the front side of the plane. If you choose the back side seat like bus, you may feel the bumpiest ride. S, it is better to select the front side seat if you are the first flyer.

Apart from this, you can carry the motion sickness tablets with you. You will also have to fly very often in order to overcome this fear and anxiety. Practice will make it perfect. So, you can also overcome this fear and anxiety as well.