Math is difficult yet a subject that one can thoroughly enjoy. This is a subject which comes in handy even in everyday life. Mental math is not difficult, but getting the hang of it can take a bit of practice. It might seem impossible, but following these tips can make sure that you can improve mental math ability.

Add and subtract from left to right

This one of the most common rules that one has to follow when you have a pen and pencil, you can keep track of the numbers. But when you are doing mental math, it is important that you are not switching the order as it can be easily confusing. Switching the order might give the largest value to be more intuitive, which can be valuable.

Make it easy

If you have a difficult calculation to solve, you can make it easier on yourself by solving the problem, which can temporarily shift values. Try always to make sure that keep track of them and find ways where you can use the basic to solve them rather than a set formula.

Memorize building blocks

Memorizing multiplication tables is one of the important aspects of getting better at mental math. These are the building blocks of math which one can use to instantly get an answer to simple problems even if they sound difficult.

Remember cool multiplication tricks

If you want to do simple mathematics, it is important that you can find these tricks. There are many obvious rules that you might know that anything multiplied by zero will give you the result Zero. This is one the neat thick that you can give to make sure everyone is scratching their heads in confusion.

Squares are your friends

These are some of the most simple tricks that one can play, which can be easy if you understand the squares well. Finding answers to squares can seem like a very daunting task but with prior knowledge and practise, one can easily master this trick. Learning the subject is not easy and can lead to a lot of confusion; there are also a lot of sites out there where you can pay for math homework online. These sites give you an opportunity to learn and grow.


When you are doing mental math, it is a good idea that you take an estimate as a perfect answer is not always something that you can get when you are looking for larger numbers. Guessing an estimate can give you a fairly accurate answer which can give you a boost. This is a technique which is called Fermi Estimate, which works with the estimates of the power of ten.