Homework is a part of the education system in almost all nations. While some believe it is very crucial in the learning years for kids, countries like Finland, South Korea, and Japan believe in minimum homework so that kids can enjoy and learn things outside books as well. Homework is an idea which has been under heated debate for years, and these are the reasons why people are against and for it.

Reasons why kids need homework

Students can understand the concepts

Homework allows students to approach concepts on their own through homework. After what they learn in school, they can come back and practice it. This will make the concepts clear to them, and if they face issues with any part of the lesson, they can take the help of their teachers next time. It allows them to think and understand the subject independently.

Parents can know what their child is learning

Some of the homework given to students require parent’s assistance. This allows parents to know what is being taught at school and also gives them an opportunity to participate in activities with their kids.

Better Student-Teacher Interaction

Homework can be beneficial to create a one-to-one interaction between a student and a teacher. This way, the teacher can know how a student is progressing in their subject and what needs to be revised or taught again to make their students learn the subject properly. This also builds a healthy relationship between both and the students feel more comfortable in asking their doubts on the subject.

Homework improves the fundamentals

Homework will make the students practise the concepts through different applications. This will increase their observation and problem skills. With homework, they also become more confident with the fundamentals to solve any kind of problems around it.

Prepares students for their exams

Homework prepares students for their exams every day, so they do not have to take the pressure of learning everything on the last day. If they practice the concepts every day, they will only need to brush up over the topics during final exams.

Reasons why kids don’t need homework

Students cannot do anything else

Too much of homework can keep the students busy for hours which will not give them time to learn or do anything else other than their studies. It will also take away the time they need to relax after coming back from school.

Loss of interest in learning

Too much of homework can bore the students and make them lost interest over the entire subject with time. When students are pressured to do their homework, the stress can make them find other activities to ease their mind and body. This can especially be devastating when it comes to subjects like math, they will try to find someone who can do my math homework. This can lead to more disinterest.

Students can get demotivated

When students fail to complete homework, they can experience fear, embarrassment, frustration, and exhaustion. If they are unable to complete their homework on time, they will start assuming it as a burden and will only try to escape it rather learning something out of it.

Too much homework can make students cheat

If the workload is more and students do not get time to do any other recreational activity, they can rely on shortcuts and cheating to finish their homework quicker. The fear of submitting the homework the next day will also force them to cheat or copy from others.