No matter where you are heading to for a vacation, the biggest question is – which hotel are we going to set camp in! And zeroing down a place to stay in an unknown land is no easy job and that too if you are going to place to a like Cebu where you have a lot of options for accommodation the question where to stay in cebu city? will definitely pop up. Here are a few tips which you can consider to ensure you have the best hotel picked for a comfortable and memorable vacation ahead:

Budget first

You sure don’t want to spend a significant chunk of your vacation budget in the place you’re going to stay. So before you finalise a vacation hotel, ensure you have your budget fixed. This will help you to filter our hotels which don’t fit in your budget. You will ultimately be left with a few options which will make easy to research further. Your task will be a lot easier when you have just a couple options which you can research well about.



Looking out for a hotel which is in a prime location – or at least somewhere near a prime location is a must. This will make your stay more comfortable as all required amenities will be at a stone’s throw from your hotel. Also, all the monuments and places worth visiting are generally near the prime location so that sightseeing will be easy for you too. But yes, hotels in prime locations tend to be more on the expensive side – so all you have to do is strike the right balance between your budget and the perfect spot.


Are you looking for something plush? Or basic? Or a mix of both? Well, while that entirely depends on you have to ensure your wants match your budget. You cannot expect an indoor pool with a view with a low budget in your pocket. Shortlist what would be your requirements while you’re vacationing and look out for a hotel that ticks all – or at least most of the boxes.



If you have kids and pets travelling along, ensure you’re heading to a hotel that opens both with welcome arms. Not only that but ensure that they have kid and pet-friendly stuff in their hotel too – like the play area or a special menu. A lot of of hotels these days are making a special effort to cater to their little and pawed guests – so make sure you are looking out for one such hotel.