The Top Helicopter Tours around the World for Travel Junkie’s

If you are tired of traveling on the old means of transport and want to try out something new and exciting this time, then you should be glad that there are many other options available that you can choose. In this article, we are going to talk about the helicopter tours because helicopter tours are getting very popular these days. We will also discuss several other adventurous means of transport that will help in adding more memories to your travel diary.

The Helicopter tours provide you an entertaining and thrilling experience and this is a completely unique way of visiting a city or a particular area. Additionally, if you are going to visit a more remote area of a region, then nothing can be better than a helicopter ride. For instance, Hawaii is one of the most popular visiting spot on the earth where thousands of visitors come every year while 70 percent of this island cannot be accessed by land.

Therefore, most of the people book the Live Your Aloha helicopter tours before they even reach the island because sometimes it gets difficult to find a ride after reaching there. So, here are some other most amazing places around the world where you can choose to travel by Helicopter.


Sydney is one of the most beautiful and most popular cities in the world. When you see the beauty of the Sydney from a particular height, it looks amazing. The spectacular views of the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Taronga Zoo, and the Sydney Harbour will make you feel amazed when you see them from the helicopter. In some tours, you may also take a look at the Bondi Beach and several other beautiful spots of Sydney’s breathtaking coastline and some tours may also take you to the Megalong Valley and the Blue Mountains.


Hawaii is the most beautiful spot for the Helicopter tours where you have plenty of options available that you may choose from. We recommend that you must book a tour before going there because most of the times people can’t find any option as there are lots of other visitors that have already booked the tours. So, you must consider visiting to book your Helicopter tour before going to Hawaii.

Victoria Falls

The helicopter tour on Victoria Falls is like a dream come true. Although you can see the beauty of Victoria Falls by visiting the highway if you want to capture the entire beauty of this place, you must book a helicopter tour because helicopter ride allows you to capture the entire location in your camera. Here is a list of some other most popular helicopter tours around the world.