A multi-cooker is a one-size-fits-all solution to cooking a lot of things, which can replace several appliances, freeing up space in the cupboard and saving precious time for the user. There are several types of multi-cookers available today. If looking for a broader range of functions, it is best to go for a multi-cooker that has a slow cooker setting which has a high and low setting. Check out the multi cookers over at Home N Kitchen Stuff to get reviews about the best multi-cookers. Here are some of the pros and cons to help decide if someone needs this versatile kitchen hero in their life.


Saves Time

To illustrate how fast multi-cookers can be, here is an example. Corned beef will take eight hours to cook in a slow cooker, five in the oven, but only one hour in a multi-cooker. By the use of a pressure cooker, cooking time can be cut by at least half, depending on what is being cooked.

Saves Space

A number of kitchen appliances like rice cookers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, electric frypans, steamer and yogurt makers can be replaced by multi cookers, thus reducing a large amount of space. Since they cook so fast, they use less energy when compared to cooking with an oven or stovetop.


Reduced Flavour

Even though multi-cookers are great at preparing a meal in about an hour, it is difficult to argue that there is no compromise on the flavour of the food, as it is harder to get the same depth of flavour compared to cooking it for longer periods of time. The user may have to sear the onions and meat and also add extra seasoning.

Requires Supervision

Pressure cookers cannot be left unattended like slow cookers. This might not be a problem if the pressure cooking function is being used to make meals in less than an hour, but it means that the user cannot come home to a meal which is already cooked like in the case of a slow cooker.

Difficult To Clean And Maintain

Multi-cookers can be a bit difficult to clean because it needs to be pulled apart, cleaned thoroughly and then put back together correctly without any errors. Cleaning and proper maintenance of the seals and valves are absolutely essential since blocked seals can cause issues while pressure cooking.

Not Great At Slow Cooking

By comparing multi-cookers and slow cookers at the same time, and putting them through their paces by preparing multiple batches of slow-cooked chilli beef as an experiment, it was found that on the whole, the slow cookers outperformed multi-cookers in terms of flavour, appearance and visible attractiveness. The tenderness and dryness of the meat are also assessed.