Foot detox is where you soak your feet in a tub filled with warm water and Epsom salt for about 20 minutes. the foot is connected to our colon and by soaking your feet it can help cleanse out your colon and kidneys too.

Reasons Why you should try foot detox

1. Have more energy

We are always on the go, working long hours and studying. This can drain us of lots of energy especially when you’re not eating right. A foot detox helps your entire body, including making it easier for your body to produce more energy naturally. So by doing a foot detox every week or at least three times a month you will have enough energy to last until the weekend. One of the must try foot detox is the Nuubu Detox Pflaster.

2. Helps with weight loss

If you are having problems with losing weight then maybe trying this method would work for you because in addition to removing toxins from our bodies, it also boosts our metabolism which helps in shredding pounds . The best part is that it’s free! You don’t even need any supplements like green tea extract or anything that is sold at the store. Just you, the tub and a cup of Epsom salt!

3. Helps reduce PMS symptoms

Many people have reported having less cramps and aches during their period by soaking their feet in warm water with Epsom salt. It might not be a substitute for pain relief but at least it takes away some of the bad symptoms so you can survive until your next period is over (and maybe try to take better care of yourself, like getting more sleep!)

4. Helpful for allergies or skin problems

Some people experience allergic reactions if they’re exposed to certain chemicals such as detergents, colognes etc when they’re out and about . By immersing our feet in this solution it helps remove all the toxins that are within our body, therefore reducing allergy symptoms.

5. Better circulation

Many people aren’t aware but our foot has 10-11000 nerve endings. By doing a foot detox your blood gets circulated properly throughout your entire body by relaxing your muscles which in turn makes you feel good all over and gives you a sense of calmness and peace. Not many things can do that for us nowadays.

Consuming Anti-oxidants Alkaline Water For Foot Detox

Anti-oxidants as well as alkaline water helps us to flush out body. In this foot detox, all you need is 2 tbsp of Epsom salt in one liter of warm water. And use the mixture to cleanse your feet for twenty minutes every day. By doing so can get relief from pain caused by inflammation and swelling , the burning sensation in the feet due to diabetes, continuous standing at work place etc.

Alkaline water helps our body fight against cancerous cells by neutralizing the acidity level in our blood . So choosing alkalized water makes our self healthy and also protect us from chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes etc. While Anti-oxidant rich foods will help to prevent us from different diseases.

Alkaline Water For Foot Detox is good for all ages of people. It makes our skin healthy, rejuvenated and attractive. The antioxidants present in it helps to fight against free radicals , which are the main cause of premature aging. Know and learn more about detoxification here.